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Requires: Base Game

Update Date & Update Notes:

This mod focuses on adding more realism to the game! This mod adds physical changes to sims based on mood, new buffs, and a cellphone menu which is very similar to the social media mod! This mod applies to every sim even the NPC sims. If you downloaded the social media mod just for the "phone interactions" then you can just download this mod instead because it's not based on followers.

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Appearance changes:

- Teary eyes when sad.

- Blushy face when Flirty.

- Blushy face when embarrassed.

- Red cheeks when drunk.

- Bruised face when losing a fight.

- Red face when sims have to puke.

- Pimples when having acne.

- Gaps when losing teeth.

- Dirty hands with they are filthy.

- Cuts & bandages when injured.

Downloadable Overlays Available

Anime Themed (click here)

Melanin Themed (click here)

Original / Default (click here)

Personality System

Now your sims can have different personality types which are based on human personality types. You will be able to choose between 16 personality types or let the game autonomously choose one. If you aren't interested or don't want certain sims to have a personality type you can either remove this system or use the option to prevent that sim from getting one.

What do they do?

These traits will affect your sims social life, emotions, motives, skills, career, and autonomy. They will each have hobbies/activities they enjoy and feel down if they don't get to do them for a while.


Trait Icons by: &

Info: &

Emotion Overhaul:

Instead of seeing "very happy" or "very flirty" I have changed the terms.

  1. Humiliated

  2. Pumped

  3. Miserable

  4. Imaginative

  5. Fearless

  6. Silly

  7. Furious

  8. Sleeping

  9. Excited

  10. Depressed

  11. Stressed

  12. Passionate

  13. In The Zone

Menstrual Cycle (Highly requested)

How does it work?

You will get a buff that lets you know the official start date of your menstrual cycle. Your sim must be ages teen-adult to be able to get their cycle. The cycle will last for 2 sim days and will come back 12 days afterward.

Will everyone have their period at the same time?

No, but some sims can end up with sync periods.

What if some ladies aren't taking care of themselves?

You can click on them and choose the "solve menstrual cycle" option

Will I have to do anything extra during the cycles?

No, it isn’t highly detailed like wicked whims where it has items so even NPC’s can fully take care of their cycle. If you want to have a highly detailed cycle then I highly recommend wicked whims mod because it has objects and everything!

Is it wicked whims & basemental drugs compatible?

Yes, and they also offer options to disable mine or their features.

What if I don’t want periods?

Just delete the menstrual package out of the systems folder.

In-Game Changes

These changes add more gameplay or realistic features for your sims.

  • Get drunk!

Sims can be a different type of drunk every-time

  • Get Acne!

Sims will be able to get acne. You can do skincare to prevent it.

  • Skincare!

Your sims can do skin treatments and encourage other sims to do the same. These skincare treatments will protect your sim from future acne and there's also a 30% chance that it will get rid of current acne and give you a skin benefit.

  • Lose a tooth!

Children will be able to lose teeth! They will have missing two front teeth every-time though. It happens when children are eating!

  • Phone apps!

Apps will help build different types of skills! For example, if you have the explore mod you can build the gambling skill with the poker app! If you don't have the explore mod it will just build the logic skill!

Ex: Mall tycoon builds hidden retail skills! <3

Health & Fitness System

  • Sims are now aware of insecurities.

  • You can become insecure about yourself but that can be changed with a compliment, feeling confident, or a boost in the mirror.

  • You can ruin, fix, or increase someone's confidence.

  • You can now check your body measurements. (results will be a moodlet/buff)

Sickness System

Your sims can catch colds/flu, stomach bugs, a WTD (infection), and get a headache. You can also pass these sicknesses and NPC sims.

How to cure sicknesses?

You can go see a doctor if your sim isn't feeling well. You can go alone or with family! Also, you can send people in your towns to the hospital if they are sick but you have to introduce yourself first.

How to prevent illnesses?

You can prevent sicknesses with a vaccine shot which kids will hate! You can get a side effect from the vaccines!

You can now also take a poop.

Social Media Influencer

  • You can now get paid to wear/take photos wearing sponsored content.

  • The higher your fame star is the more brands you will get sponsored by.

Brands by Custom Content Creators:

Millie Bear - Vandysquirrel Tumblr

Katalatic Cosmetics - RealKatVerse

SUNY Makeup - SunFlowerPetals

Huffle Apparel - HufflePuffSimmerCC

Bad Bih - Ebonix

Aeygo Love: BebexSims

Soft Dream: Sisselin

Cryptic Cosmetics: CrypicSim

Kfashion: Bangtan_Unnie7

Memory System

With the new memory system, your sims will now be able to remember things that happen to them, but like all memories, some of them will begin to fade. However, your sims will always be making more memories so don’t worry about the forgotten memories.

What sims can remember in this version?

1. Marriage

2. Cheating

3. Divorce

4. Parent Divorce

5. Death

6. Peed-self

7. First Kiss

8. First Woohoo

9. Woohoo

10. Being cheated on

11. Pet death

12. Breakups

23. Children

Parties & Interactive System

Your sim will get invited to parties, you will have unexpected visitors, and get invitations for rabbit hole events.

SmartPhone System

You will have a better phone! You can post on social media or send texts. You will have to click on your sim to use it. More options will appear when you have certain relationships or when your sim is in a certain mood! You will get texts from your friends, family, and lover(s). You can also send texts and get responses from the people that you text.

More Woohoo Options

Sims can now have self woohoo, random hookups, and drunk woohoo. You can remove the autonomous hookup or random hookups package from your folder if you are not okay with it.

Self woohoo will only be done randomly once and they won't be able to do it again until their current buff/moodlet expires.

Don't want certain things?

You can delete almost everything that you don't like about the SOL including certain face overlays.

The only thing that you cannot delete from this mod is this:

Known Bugs / Issues / Glitches

I don't always have an idea of what is causing these issues but they will be fixed if I figure out what is causing them. However, when you download mods you are accepting the risk of bugs.

  • Error files / Importer issues revolving around the game trying to schedule texts and parties.

  • Your sim might not go into the rabbit hole invite every time. I am unaware of why sims are able to cancel it.

  • Your sim might leave the rabbit hole invite early.

  • If your sim is sleeping or off the lot after agreeing to a rabbit hole invite the event will be canceled.

  • Some visitors might leave or not show up which will cancel their visit. You will still get the popup however because it alerts you before the visitor shows up without knowing the outcome.


MAC USERS: For some reason, the files are locked upon download so you will have to go in manually to set them to 'Read & Write' before you start your game with this mod. The reason/cause is currently unknown.

How to Install Manually: (Click here)

How to Install using the automatic Installer: (Click here)

Want slice of life phone to work off the grid? Then replace the "SOL phone system" folder with this one instead:

Want to translate this mod or get a translation? Click here

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